Winamp plugin to share #nowplaying song on Twitter v2.4

TwittAMP on Twitter

TwittAMP v2.4 is out!

This plugin posts what you listen in Winamp to Twitter. You can set up different post masks. See options for more details.

Important notes



Plugin needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

Download here and install it!

1. Download the plugin...

Download (30k)

2. Unzip into Winamp plugin directory

Usually c:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\

If you are the user of previous version please delete gen_twitter.dll

3. Start or restart Winamp


1. Press CTRL+P in Winamp

Find "General Purpose" part of "Winamp Preferences" and search for "Share #nowplaying song on Twitter!" plugin in the list. Double click or "Configure selectted plug-in"

Usage 1: Share on Twitter

Just right click in playlist...

Result in Twitter

Usage 2: Using with online stream

Usage 3: #nowplaying on Twitter

This menu point opens url in your default browser where You can see the result of search "#nowplaying". Default url is

Download (65k)